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About Heritage and Fashions


Heritage and Fashions promotes student and education  exchange services through,

                 –  International Cultural Exchange Programs,

                 –  International Student & Education Services

                –   Touring Uganda Project

                 –  Kitengi Brands – Branding African Traditional Costumes

                 – Heritage & Fashions Week  – A Month fashion shows in Uganda

Mission: Becoming an International Cultural and Educational Exchange Agency, promoting Uganda’ Cultural Heritage Tourism and Education Exchanges.

The youth-centered project is also aiming at creating employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to the growing young generation in Uganda.



Heritage and Fashions is a blend of cultural heritage exchanges, art and drama, as well as a fashions exhibition of the most popular African traditional wear – Kitengi to both local and international cultural exhibitions.

Spirit of Uganda '08

The project mainly for the youth artists and entrepreneurs in Uganda also offers the international audiences an opportunity to learn about Uganda’s diverse cultural heritage than ever before.

Local Artist to International audiences

Heritage & Fashions is for the first time branding, promoting and exporting Uganda’s diverse music, art and drama onto the international audiences.


Heritage & Fashions organizes top-but spectacular theatrical and live cultural performances to international audiences.

The strategy is expected to generate more revenues as well as creating more employment opportunities within the youth hierarchies.





Top African Modelsmodels

Heritage & Fashions is promoting talent all over Africa by training, recruiting, promoting and market African male and female models experience their opportunities within the

fashion and film industry in Europe and north America.

Heritage & Fashions has teamed up with FORD MODELS http://models.fordmodels.com/ operating in New York, Paris,  Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and the rest of North America to recruit talented Black African models to the entertainment industry.


What is Cultural diplomacy

img_20140622_191340Cultural diplomacy is a type of public diplomacy and soft power that includes the “exchange of ideas, information, art and other aspects of culture among nations and their peoples in order to foster mutual understanding.” The purpose of cultural diplomacy is for the people of a foreign nation to develop an understanding of the nation’s ideals and institutions in an effort to build broad support for economic and political goals. In essence “cultural diplomacy reveals the soul of a nation,”


which in turn creates influence. Though often overlooked, cultural diplomacy can and does play an important role in achieving national security aims.

Uganda-International Cultural Exchanges

Heritage and Fashions organizes cultural exchange visits with international partners to market and exhibit Uganda’s cultural heritage all over the world. We create partnerships with various cultural, learning and trade institutions to promote mutual understandings geared at social and economic development.

Our maiden trip will take us through Europe, USA and Canada where we will showcase Ugandas’ cultural heritage selling our traditional attire – KItengi and sharing a lot about our diverse culture and tourism.

During this expedition, we hope to partner with various cultural organizations in order to build future cultural exchange relationships.

Heritage and kampala_independence_carnival_tgr44Fashions Week

The traditional fashion show exhibit Uganda’ cultural heritage through cultural drama, traditional dishes, African artifacts and of course beautiful Ugandan Models displaying Kitengi Brands™

Kitengi Brands™

Started as African attire, Kitengi is becoming a global outfit in all occasions. Kitengi are now branded in all forms of color, designs and varieties to serve diverse hierarchies of class. Today, Kitengi fashion industry is employing sizeable young women entrepreneurs in Uganda


Heritage and Fashions is branding Kitengi as our priority product under an independent label of Kitengi Brands™.

The fashion designers and entrepreneurs within the Kitengi industry are registering to participate within the parameters of the Kitengi Brands™.

Kitengi Brands™ are instrumental during all our local and international cultural heritage exhibition events, i.e. Heritage and Fashions Week in Kampala and International Cultural Tours.


The President

Heritage and Fashions

Uganda National Cultural Center

P.O. Box 29583 Kampala – Uganda

Tel: +256 414 599776

Mob/Whatsapp: +256 703733359





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